Removing Trees and Large Fauna Near Heritage Listed Structures

Majestic trees, lush fauna and heritage property are such a lovey combination.

Many heritage listed properties including surrounding structures such as retaining walls tend to be surrounded by large trees.

Yet sometimes, a majestic reminisce of the past may need to be removed simply because of the dangers it presents.

However, the process of simply removing a tree that may prove to be a threat to property requires extensive and methodical planning, preparation and execution especially when that tree is adjacent to heritage property.

And in this case, the tree removal process is a lot more involved and requires strict prior approvals and methodical planning to ensure any heritage structures are not damaged in the process.

Removing a Tree Threatening Heritage Listed Property

Simply because a tree may potentially cause damage to property or even people, cannot be plucked out of the ground without proper submissions and approval from council.

At a minimum, the following conditions must be satisfied.

Asbestos Works

If any of the works/process involves dealing with asbestos products and materials, then that work must be carried out in accordance with guidelines for asbestos works published by Safework NSW (and other equivalent state authorities).

Infrastructure Damage Security Bond & Inspection Fee

You can imagine the process needed to remove a huge tree either from the inside of right outside of your property.

If especially outside of your property, on council land, you will need to ensure any and all activity taken must ensure no damage to council property or any person(s) occupying adjacent spaces.

And if any damage does occur to council property such as roads, foot paths, curbs/guttering etc, will result in the bond being forfeited to pay for any rectification works.

Submission of a Work Method Statement

Any subcontractor who is contracted to remove the tree will be required to submit a work method statement which must satisfy council's requirements.

The work method statement must show the methodology to remove the tree, measures to protect surrounding heritage/plants/trees, including retaining walls.

Additionally, depending on the size of the tree, other factors will need to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Road closures (for cranes)
  • Demolition process
  • Hours of work
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Erosion control to ensure no damage to surrounding fauna from erosion and sedimentation
  • Green waste disposal

Susan Read Landscapes is well versed in the requirements for heritage tree removal.

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